Invited Speaker

Invited Speaker
The invited speakers are arranged alphabetically by their last names.
Dr. Karuppanasamy Anandhanarayanan
Defense Research and Development Organization, India
Applications of grid-free solver to Aerospace Vehicles
Prof. Jung Il Choi
Yonsei University, Korea
Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Natural Convection at High Rayleigh Numbers
Prof. Yi-Ju Chou
National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Development of a data-driven computational platform for multi-scale modeling of complex suspension flows
Prof. Lin Fu
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
High-order TENO schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws
Prof. Ming-Chen Hsu
Iowa State University, USA
Isogeometric Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling for Biomedical and Aerospace Applications
Prof. Boo Cheong Khoo
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Numerical study of Taylor Couette flow with helical Corrugated surface
Prof. Hyoungjin Kim
Kyung Hee University, Korea
Flow simulation of a supersonic airplane with installed engine nacelle
Prof. Bok Jik Lee
Seoul National University, Korea
Prof. Jiequan Li
Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China
A spacetime outlook on CFD: Spatio-temporally correlated models and spatio-temporally coupled algorithms
Prof. Shin Hyung Rhee
Seoul National University, Korea
Multi-phase flow of a sphere moving along a circular arc through an interface
Prof. Seungwon Shin
Hongik University, Korea
Numerical simulation of a droplet collision onto curved surface
Prof. Yasutaka Yamaguchi
Osaka University, Japan
Understanding of Static and Dynamic Wetting through the connection between microscopic molecular dynamics and macroscopic continuum mechanics with interfacial descriptions

The list of invited speakers will be updated continually, and the detailed information of the speakers will be notified.