Cultural Tour

Cultural Tour

Tour applications can be made only through the online registration system, which will be open from August 13th, Korea Standard Time (UTC+09:00).

Participation in the tour is optional and you can only choose one of the two courses.

Depending on circumstances, the tour application is subjected to be closed on a first-come, first-served basis.

The tour participation fee for each course is as follows.
1) Course 1
– USD 50 (KRW 55,000)
2) Course 2
– USD 40 (KRW 44,000)

Course 1
몺 Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park

The word 쐅otjawal comes from the Jeju language and refers to a place where trees, vines, rocks, etc., are naturally jumbled together. The Jeju Gotjawal in particular is the only place in the world where tropical northern and southern plants coexist.
The objective of Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park is to protect the ecology of Gotjawal, a mysterious place where a variety of plant and animal life thrive in symbiosis.
This park is an eco-tourism site that provides recreational spaces, experience programs, and the chance for people to learn more about the nature around them.

About Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park

몼 Yongmeori Coast

The Yongmeori Coast got its name because the beach looks like a dragon that is jumping into the ocean with its head raised (쏽ong means dragon and 쏮eori means head in Korean). Yongmeori is a sandstone bed created by layers of sand that have been deposited for tens of millions of years. The mysterious scenery of the coast is enough to make anyone who witnesses it exclaim in wonder.

About Yongmeori Coast

몾 Bonte Museum

Bonte Museum was established in 2012 where stunning nature is living in harmony with architecture and landscape as the name of the museum, bonte (쑍뀑, the original form) represent.
The museum was designed by internationally renowned architect Tadao Ando who won the Pritzker Architecture Prize which is known as the Nobel Prize of architecture in 1995. This building embeds Ando셲 philosophy on 쏿rchitecture and landscape that buildings need to be harmonized with their surroundings, not only focusing on its own beauty. The building reflects the founding purpose of an encounter of nature and environment, tradition and modern, and Korea and the world, and to cast a new cultural value.

About Bonte Museum

Course 2
몺 Bijarim Forest

The Forest of Torreyas(Bijarim Forest) is the world셲 largest single-species forest. It is a very unique forest where 2,800 Torreyas that are 500 – 800 years old block the sight of the sky, and it is the first forest park in Jeju Island.
Bijajim Forest retains its leaves during the winter, so the forest stays green all throughout year. A substance called phytoncide emanates from the Forest of Torreyas. Phytoncide is known to have natural healing powers, such as helping blood circulation, alleviating mental and physical fatigue, and stabilizing biorhythm. There are two ways to exit the forest through the walking trail.

About Bijarim Forest

몼 Seongsan Ilchulcong

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which is 180m above sea level, erupted underwater in the ocean about 5,000 years ago. This makes it a very rare case among the many craters in Jeju Island.
Though people used to farm in the crater, it is now a natural habitat for 200 types of vegetation such as silvergrass and giant angelica, among others, as well as a natural habitat for a variety of wild animals. Seongsan Ilchulbong has long been considered one of the top scenic destinations in Korea. It attracts millions of visitors a year, many of whom climb to the top for the breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean, Udo Island, Hallasan Mountain, and the volcanic landscape of the east.

About Seongsan Ilchulcong

Detailed Schedule of the tours
Course 1 Course 2
Time 13:30
Place / Details Jeju Shinhwa World /혻 Meet and Move
Time 13:40~14:40 15:00~16:00
Place / Details 혻Jeju Gotjawal Provincial Park Bijarim Forest
Time 15:00~15:40 16:30~17:50
Place / Details Yongmeori Coast Seongsan Ilchulcong
Time 16:05~17:20
Place / Details Bonte Museum
Time 17:20~ 17:50~
Place / Details Move to Jeju Airport or Jeju Shinhwa World
* To be decided at the request of tour participants.

The detailed schedule above is subject to change depending on circumstances.
Travel time to destination is not indicated.