Access to Jeju Island

Jeju International Airport, the 2nd largest airport in South Korea, is in the north of Jeju Island. Jeju International Airport easily connects Korea with the major cities of China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries, via a total of 29 direct flight routes (13 domestic and 16 international). There are three ways to fly to Jeju Island: by direct international flight, by transferring at either Incheon International Airport or Gimpo Airport to a domestic flight to Jeju.
We recommend that visitors take a direct international flight to Jeju Island for their convenience.

Jeju International Airport -> Venue (Jeju Shinhwa World)


Shuttle Service (Complimentary)
  • Location
    몺 Exit through Gate 1 of Jeju International Airport.
    몼 Board the shuttle bus at the B1 or B2 parking area
  • Schedule
    Date (KST) Jeju Int셪 Airport Jeju Shinhwa World Jeju Shinhwa World Jeju Int셪 Airport
    Oct 16 (Sun) 3:00 PM 3:50 PM
    4:00 PM 4:50 PM
    Oct 17 (Mon) 8:00 AM 8:50 AM
    Oct 19 (Wed) 1:00 PM 2:00 PM

    Subject to change

Public Bus
  1. Get on at the 1st floor, front of 3rd GATE bus stop (Bus: 151, 152, 600)
  2. Transfer bus at Donggwang transfer station2 (GEC districts) (Bus: 255, 820-2,752-2, 771-2)
  3. Get off at the 쁉eju Shinhwa World’. In cass of Shinhwa Them Park get off at the ‘Jeju Shinhwa World Theme Park’.
  • It takes about 50 minutes by Taxi.
  • Taxi fares from the airport to the hotel are fixed, confirm the fare prior to departure.
    (approx. KRW 30,000 / a one-way fare)